Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Launching into the solar system: Celestia Syle!

Celestia is one awesome piece of free software. It's a planetarium where you can set up all sorts of scenarios, not to mention just view the solar system. If you download the extra high res textures from Celestia Motherlode, Earth and Mars especially begin to look very impressive.

The software allows the placement of spacecraft, basing their appearance off of .3ds files.

Not content to leave the simulated solar-system just glittering there in the simulated sky untouched, I downloaded one of the .3ds editors, Anim8or, off of Celestia Motherlode and have been launching my own "space-program".

The things I find to unwind after exams....

The long range personnel shuttle out for a GEO mission. If you look closely, you can even see some astronauts staring out the window. The belcher among the crew is being cycled out the airlock.

Here you can see my space station. Another of those long range personnel capsules is drifting nearby, along with two experimental engines.

.3ds files and .ssc files will be posted later


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