Sunday, December 10, 2006

Time to blog!

Well, not quite yet, though I have a lot of things backed up that I'd like to blog about.

First - my econ exam on Tuesday.

But I'm almost out of the hole. Last week was a nightmare in terms of the deadlines and due dates and projects and multiple all-night meetings and......

I'm coming down off a week-long caffiene high coupled with a complete lack of meaninful sleep. But I made it. I'm still intact. I retained my sanity (hee - hee .... hee). Now I need to pull out of school mode and focus on what's next: Commissioning! Graduation! The Air Force! Amazing to think that just one week from now, I'll have a BS in Astronautical Engineering and will be on my way to a real job. Just two days ago, my time horizon was measured in hours till CFD project due, and now it has to expand to encompass the next months of training.

More to come soon.


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