Sunday, April 23, 2006

Short Post

Finals coming up... (and I'm trying to learn Java in my free time). Don't have a lot of time to post.

But, I just wanted to comment on something that sort of left an impression. I've noticed the expression "personal library" used to describe the collections of books that we buy and read. And anymore these days, it's true! I myself have accumulated a library worth of books that I've read (and not all of it is novels either)! Books, along with my computer, make up some of my most frequently used personal possesions.

These days, literature, novels, papers, information, if not available for free online, are easily accessible in print at a library or published for a reasonable price elsewhere. We have become ravenous readers.

Furthermore, the success and ubiquity of bookstores is another indicator that something is going very right with respect to our culture. It says something slightly different and more concrete than libraries (though the widespread use of those is also a good sign). The old kingdoms of medieval europe had libraries, but it didn't always translate into a well informed and literate population, just that the patrons thought it was a good idea. The fact that bookstores are doing so well in the modern first world is an indication that we are willing to pay for our literature, that there is a genuine interest in it.

Just something to think about, and be thankful for the next time you look at a bookstore.

Anyway, enough procrastination, back to work...


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